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At Kate Kerr London, we’re passionate about skin! We use bespoke evidence-based treatments to transform your skin health, giving you lasting results

Why Our Approach Works

Skin health, led by science

In-depth consultations

Bespoke clinical facials with extraction

Clinical grade skincare regimes

Programmes designed using your unique DNA

Ongoing care and support

Find your ultimate facial

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About Kate

An award-winning clinical facialist with over two decades of global experience specialising in skin treatment and skin rejuvenation.


From clinical facials that go beyond the superficial to non-surgical aesthetic procedures, each bespoke treatment is tailored to your current skin health and future skin goals.

In the press

‘Kate Kerr gets out her extraction needles and doesn’t stop prodding until lumps and bumps are fully evacuated of gunk.’

Sali Hughes

‘Go to facialist for science-based treatments’

Vogue Anti-Ageing Address Book

‘Kate's medical approach to skin care means that there's no doubt over the efficacy of her treatments; they're proven to provide results’

‘If you want your skin thoroughly analysed, complexion cleaned up to look healthier and brighter, and a bespoke skincare routine at the end of it to boot, this facial is for you’

‘The combination of the DNA results and knowledge of my current regimen gave Kerr an unrivalled view of what my skin needs’

‘If your skin isn’t playing ball, head here’

‘If you’re looking for a cleanse-and-shoulder-rub type of facial, look elsewhere. This is serious business...’

‘Known for her results-driven medical facials which combine state-of-the-art technology and the latest ingredients, Kate Kerr is our go-to when it comes to keeping ahead of the curve’


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