About Kate

An award-winning clinical facialist with over two decades of global experience specialising in skin treatment and skin rejuvenation.

A New Zealander-turned-Londoner, Kate is an acclaimed clinical facialist with experience working with the UK’s leading beauty editors, actors, athletes, celebrities – even royalty.

Kate’s scientific approach to treatment innovation and skincare has made her one of the most sought after facialists in the UK today. Her extraordinary standards, emphasis on client care and exceptional results see her clients travelling from far and wide to seek her advice and support.

As someone who suffered with acne in her teens and rosacea in her thirties, Kate understands what it’s like not to feel confident in your skin. In fact, battling her own skin issues is exactly where her passion grew and why she chose to become a clinical facialist with a special interest in acne and skin ageing.

When it comes to ageing, Kate doesn't like to use the term ‘anti-ageing’. Having lost her mother at a young age, she believes it's a privilege to grow old – but that doesn't mean you have to give up on your skin either. Kate believes in supporting the skin through the natural ageing process by helping it become stronger, more resilient and healthier for a fresh and glowing complexion that's smooth and uplifted.

There is nothing Kate loves more than seeing her clients go from struggling with their skin to choosing make-up that enhances, rather than conceals. When she isn’t obsessing about skin care, she’s spending time with her family – her husband, two girls and a very fluffy cat – at their home just outside of London. Her favourite ways to switch off are art, mindfulness, meditation and taking family walks in nature, often with the very fluffy cat in tow!

Meet the team

Get to know the A-team here at Kate Kerr London

  • Lara

    Clinic Manager

  • Natalia

    Clinical facialist

  • Paige

    Clinic Coordinator

In the press

‘Kate Kerr gets out her extraction needles and doesn’t stop prodding until lumps and bumps are fully evacuated of gunk.’

Sali Hughes

‘Go to facialist for science-based treatments’

Vogue Anti-Ageing Address Book

‘Kate's medical approach to skin care means that there's no doubt over the efficacy of her treatments; they're proven to provide results’

‘If you want your skin thoroughly analysed, complexion cleaned up to look healthier and brighter, and a bespoke skincare routine at the end of it to boot, this facial is for you’

‘The combination of the DNA results and knowledge of my current regimen gave Kerr an unrivalled view of what my skin needs’

‘If your skin isn’t playing ball, head here’

‘If you’re looking for a cleanse-and-shoulder-rub type of facial, look elsewhere. This is serious business...’

‘Known for her results-driven medical facials which combine state-of-the-art technology and the latest ingredients, Kate Kerr is our go-to when it comes to keeping ahead of the curve’

Your journey

At Kate Kerr London, we combine a science-led approach with tailored skin care plans to achieve genuine results.


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