What are the best ways to prevent Acne breakouts?

acne breakouts londonIf you are in the dreaded ‘acne club’, and suffer with regular breakouts, then you have probably spent a lot of money on treatments to clear your skin, such as OTC (over the counter) creams and gels.

Sometimes, you might get lucky with one of these remedies, but more often than not, it seems to be a ‘trial and error’ situation for acne sufferers, and you can spend a lot of money before finding anything that works for you.

When treating Acne, all contributing factors that cause your breakout need to be targeted: oil control, inflammation control, bacteria, skin cells not shedding. Please click here to see Kate’s Acne Page for more info.

Change in your daily routine can cause Acne ‘flare-ups’

If you have started to use a different cleanser, shampoo, deodorant or face cream then this could cause a breakout; even changing the products that you wash your laundry with, or not changing your sheets and pillowcases as regularly can cause you acne to become worse. Be aware, too, that mobile phones are very dirty and are also something that we put in touch with our facial skin every day. Make sure you clean your phone!

Top tips to clear up your Acne

Daily skincare

Get expert advice on the best skincare treatments to battle your acne. The skincare products should target all of acne’s contributing factors and should include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol and vitamin A derivatives.

Regular facials

Regular facial treatments are a very effective way to treat your acne. Kate’s ADVANCED ACNE FACIAL includes extensive extractions to prevent further breakouts and clarify your skin. Clinical facials are also a fantastic treatment to use alongside any regular medical you may use – they can speed up and really enhance the results.

Wear make-up that is ‘acne-friendly’

It is also advised to not wear too much makeup. Expensive make-up is not necessarily great for your skin; read the ingredients to see if what you put on your face is ‘non-comedogenic’ (this will mean that it won’t clog your pores).

Stay away from oils, balms and rich moisturisers.

Remove all make-up, oil and dirt before going to bed every night.

Try not to constantly touch your face

It’s difficult to stop touching your face when you’re aware that your acne is bad; you constantly slide your fingers across your skin to see how bad it feels. If you have fiddly fingers and play with your hair often then this can also cause you to touch your face, which causes oils and dirt to be passed to your facial skin from your hands.

Keep out of the sun

keep out of the sun acneA small amount of sun is sometimes said to ease breakouts, but too much of the bright sunlight will definitely aggravate your skin and can cause a ‘flare-up’. Wear a high factor SPF always!

Our best advice at Kate Kerr London would be to seek advice from a professional. If your acne is moderate to severe, you shouldn’t just be trying to treat the condition at home with your own remedies. At Kate Kerr, we feel that the most important way to treat acne is to prevent the long term effects of scarring; please click here to see Kate’s Acne Scarring page.

Seek advice from a private professional like Kate Kerr who is highly experienced in advanced treatments of acne. If Kate feels that she cannot treat your specific needs herself, she has many professional and experienced colleagues that she will be happy to refer you to.

What are the best ways to prevent Acne breakouts?