Kate Kerr at Birmingham’s Skin Health Symposium UK Event

On Monday, 7th September, The Skin Health Symposium UK hosted an educational ‘Anti-Ageing and Pigmentation’ event in Birmingham at the Hilton Metropole.

Kate was approached when the organisers had first heard about the revolutionary FutureSkin DNA Programme. The aim of the Skin Health Symposium is to educate medical professionals by introducing techniques that combine various different treatments, such as laser, injectables, cosmeceuticals etc.

Kate’s FutureSkin DNA Programme was a perfect concept for the event; using the SkinDNA test results that are completely bespoke and patient-specific, Kate can advise a treatment plan based on how you are genetically destined to age.

FutureSkin DNA Case Study

Kate’s presentation included a really in-depth case study and patient journey undergoing the FutureSkin DNA Programme. The response from the delegates was fantastic; it was really interesting to see what results came through from the DNA test, and to understand the techniques that Kate uses or recommends to address each ageing issue that affects so many of us.

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SkinMed Enerpeel for Eyes and Lips

When discussing treatments recommended for the FutureSkin DNA Programme case study patient, Kate talked about chemical peels and what types of peels she likes to use to achieve optimum results for her clients. Kate then gave a live demonstration on a patient, using Enerpeel by SkinMed for the eyes and lips. The response to the live demonstration was very positive; our peri-ocular (around the eyes) and peri-orbital (around the lips) areas are the two facial regions that tend to show the signs of ageing the most, and it was interesting to learn about such a brilliant product that can be used to treat such common ageing complaints.

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What can Kate do for you?

Kate sees her patients at the award winning PHI Clinic, Harley Street, right at the centre of London’s private medical district. If you would like to find out more about the FutureSkin DNA Programme or the advanced peels that Kate provides, then simply call 020 7034 5935 to book your consultation.

Kate Kerr at Birmingham’s Skin Health Symposium UK Event