Clinical facials

All of our treatments are bespoke, scientific and evidence-based to achieve impressive results based on your individual concerns

Clinical Mesotherapy 3D Facial

The Clinical Mesotherapy 3D Facial goes further than pure mesotherapy by combining the application of a peel with a meso serum that is needled into...


£245 (60 mins)

Clinical Perimenopause & Menopause Facial

Our Clinical Perimenopause & Menopause facial is a customisable treatment designed to target and minimise the effects that perimenopause and menopause have on...


£280 (90 mins)

Clinical Clarifying Acne Facial

Our Clinical Clarifying Acne Facial at Kate Kerr London is an intensive treatment scientifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes, whilst calming...


£195 (60 mins)

Clinical Rosacea Facial

Our Clinical Rosacea facial is a bespoke treatment scientifically formulated for hyper-sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. Incorporating the latest techniques and cosmeceuticals, this treatment helps to...


£195 (60 mins)

Clinical Brightening Facial

Our Advanced Clinical Brightening facial is a customisable brightening treatment designed to help deep cleanse, hydrate and enliven the skin. This bespoke treatment is designed...


£200 (60 mins)

Clinical Rejuvenation & Restoration Facial

Our Clinical Rejuvenation & Restoration facial is an intensive treatment using cutting edge techniques that are unique to Kate Kerr London. This exclusive, multi-faceted treatment...


£240 (60 mins)

3D Skin Renovation Facial

Our 3D Skin Renovation treatment is a complete revamp for your skin, giving you instant plumping and luminescence with transformative and lasting results. This 15-step...


£395 (120 mins)

Advanced FutureSkin DNA Facial

Our Advanced FutureSkin DNA facial has been described in the press as “the world’s most advanced facial!” It is a bespoke treatment that is uniquely designed...


£290 (90 mins)

Instant FX Skin Perfector Facial

Our Instant FX Skin Perfector facial is the perfect remedy for dull, tired, lacklustre skin that provides instantly noticeable results in firmness, clarity, brightness and...


£300 (90 mins)

Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Our Clinical Fire & Ice facial is designed to resurface the skin rapidly without causing any residual peeling. This makes it the perfect ‘red carpet...


£220 (60 mins)

Clinical Pregnancy Breastfeeding Facial

It can be an overwhelming process looking at the different types of facials available and wondering what is safe for both you and your baby. At...


£200 (60 mins)

About Kate

An award-winning clinical facialist with over two decades of global experience specialising in skin treatment and skin rejuvenation.

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At Kate Kerr London, we do things a bit differently. We combine a science-led approach with tailored skincare programmes to get real results.