Clinical Rosacea Facial

The treatment

Our Clinical Rosacea facial is a bespoke treatment scientifically formulated for hyper-sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. Incorporating the latest techniques and cosmeceuticals, this treatment helps to strengthen the skin, reduce inflammation and rosacea breakouts and desensitise your skin to the causes of rosacea. It also improves the texture and tone of your complexion and helps prevent rosacea progressing to more advanced stages.

This intensive facial treatment simultaneously helps support your skin through the natural ageing process by helping to combat free radical damage and encouraging skin renewal. It is a custom-created facial that’s suitable for all skin types and skin colours and works effectively for both men and women.


At Kate Kerr London, we know that every client is different and each case of rosacea is completely individual. This is why we tailor our treatments to our client’s individual needs and requirements.

  • Reduces redness, flushing, breakouts and inflamed skin
  • Desensitises the skin; raises tolerance levels so that the skin becomes more resistant to rosacea ‘triggers’
  • Protects and supports blood capillaries to reduce broken capillaries and encourage replacement and repair
  • Repairs the protective barrier on the skin’s surface
  • Improves hydration levels
  • Combats oxidative stress and UV damage to help support the skin through the natural ageing process
  • Stimulates skin renewal for an improved texture and radiance


Clinical facialist
£195 (60 mins)
£255 (90 mins)

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