DNA Facial

Do you understand the benefits of a clinical facial but are looking for a little bit more? Advanced clinical facials can be even more effective if they are individually created for you.

The DNA Facial at Kate Kerr London is the first, revolutionary facial of its kind. Working with results from your SkinDNA test, Kate will create a facial that is completely bespoke and individual to you – there are no two facials that are alike.

Kate has designed the DNA Facial so that it can prevent how you are destined to age, but at the same time will target any current skin conditions or concerns that you may have.

How can I have a DNA Facial at Kate Kerr London?


At Kate Kerr London, one of our signature and most popular treatment plans is the FutureSkin DNA Programme. Kate developed and introduced this revolutionary treatment to provide a solution for your anti-ageing plan that cannot be found anywhere else. The programme involves your initial consultation with Kate, a full analysis, an exploratory facial, and your Skin DNA test (which investigates how you are genetically ‘made-up’ to age). Kate will assess these DNA results and scientifically create a bespoke anti-ageing programme that is personal to you and your skin’s needs. Once you have had your follow up consultation and received your programme, Kate will be able to advise you on certain products that will be beneficial to your specific DNA results. You will also have the option to undergo a DNA Facial that is tailored to your individual information that was obtained during the FutureSkin DNA Programme; please note that you cannot have a DNA Facial without undergoing the FutureSkin DNA Programme.

What is the DNA Facial at Kate Kerr London?

At Kate Kate Kerr London we understand that your concerns are individual and should be treated as such; no patient or solution should be the same. Kate’s DNA Facial is an advanced clinical facial that is scientifically created and based on your skin’s genetic make-up. The products used during your facial will depend on the specific, individual DNA results that Kate obtains during your Skin DNA test (part of the FutureSkin DNA programme).

How often should I have a Skin DNA Facial?

We recommend that you have a DNA Facial once per skin cycle, every 4-6 weeks, to achieve optimum results. Kate can advise you on treatments to use at home; keeping up with a DIY regime is also important.

How much does a DNA Facial cost?

Initial appointment is £250 for a DNA test and full consultation. Subsequent DNA Facials are from £250 with a Clinical Facialist and from £350 with Kate Kerr for 90 minutes