How to prep the skin for festive fun

The festive break is the perfect time to give your skin some TLC. If you’d like your complexion to look its best on Christmas Day, here’s an easy DIY Festive Facial that you can perform 2-3 days before to wake up with smooth, plump and glowing skin. Just throw on some sequins and you’re good to go.


Products: ZO Gentle Cleanser, ZO Exfoliating Cleanser, IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Using a pea size amount of your chosen cleanser, lather up with warm water and gently massage into the face and neck, for one minute. Finish with 10 seconds over the eye area. Then repeat. Remove with warm water and a face cloth.


Products: ZO Exfoliating Polish, ZO Dual Action Scrub, IS Clinical Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque

Whilst your skin is still damp, use circular motions to massage your exfoliator into the skin for one minute. Finish with 2-3 seconds over the eye area. Rinse with warm water, then remove the remainder of the product with your damp cloth.


Products: ZO Complexion Renewal Pads, ZO Oil Control Pads, ZO Calming PH Balancing Toner, IS Clinical Copper Firming Mist

Wipe either one pre-soaked pad or one cotton pad soaked in solution over the entire face.


A) ZO Enzymatic Peel

Squeeze the peel into your hand and apply a thin layer of the peel over your face and neck. Start on the forehead then move to the chin, cheeks, nose and finally the neck. Be careful not to apply around the delicate eye area. Expect to feel some tingling!

B) ZO Exfoliation Accelerator

Apply two pumps over the face and neck, on top of the Enzymatic Peel.
Leave for 30 mins and then remove with warm water. Ensure peel is thoroughly removed by repeating step one.


Product: Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Bio Cellulose Mask

Carefully unfold the sheet mask. Starting on the forehead, smooth the mask down over the face, making sure the pre-cut holes for the mouth, nose and eyes are in the correct position. Smooth away any air pockets and apply any excess liquid to the neck area. Leave for 10-15 mins and then peel off.


Product: ZO Sulfur Mask

Apply a smooth even layer of mask to the face and leave for 10 minutes. Remove thoroughly with the warm, damp face cloth.


Use a cotton bud to apply a small amount of your exfoliant to the lips. Gently massage over the lip area in small circular movements. Remove the lip polish using warm water and your face cloth.


Products: Any ZO or IS Clinical Eye Cream

Using a cotton bud, apply a thick layer over your lips.


Use Growth Factor Eye Serum and its applicator on the eyes and gently massage from the inner eye, in small circles, out towards the temple. Do the same under the brow bone. Finish with a push pulse, in the same direction, to drain toxins and improve puffiness, then finish with a figure of eight pattern across the temples.


Products: ZO Daily Power Defense or IS Clinical Hydra Cool

Apply a generous amount of serum to your face and neck and follow this step by step Brightening and Tightening Massage routine:

  • Using all four fingers, massage the neck in upward strokes from the collarbone to the jawline. Use alternating hands from the left side of the neck to the right, and back again. Repeat three times. 
  • Beginning at the chin, cup the whole face in both hands and slide upwards and outwards ending with the palm of the hand on the temples. Repeat six times. 
  • Using the thumb and the knuckle of the index finger make pinching movements along the jawline from the middle of the chin up towards the ears. Repeat three times. 
  • Using the tips of the middle three fingers, massage in circular motion from the chin to the bottom of the earlobes, then from the sides of the mouth to the middle of the ears, from the nostrils out towards the temples and finish with the middle of the forehead down towards the temples. Repeat three times. 
  • Find the pressure point under the brow bone, just below the inner eyebrow, and apply pressure for 3 seconds. Glide the fingers along the brow bone out towards the temples, hold for 3 seconds. Then very lightly glide under the eye and back up to the original pressure point. Repeat three times. 
  • To help smooth frown lines, use both thumbs on the bridge of the nose and apply alternating, deep stroking movements upwards. Repeat 12 times.
  • Moving from the left to the right, mould the hands to the shape of the forehead and stroke, with alternating hands, from brow bone to hairline. Repeat three times.
  • To finish, cover the face with both hands and make sweeping movements out towards the ears. Repeat three times.  

Once you’ve massaged DPD into the skin, layer on your prescribed serums to target your specific concerns.


Products: ZO Daily Sheer SPF or ZO SmartTone SPF or AlumierMD Clear Shield SPF

If you’re performing this facial during the daylight hours, finish with a SPF.