Rebecca Newman’s ZO Journey: Week 4

The other night at dinner I explained to five girlfriends about my ZO regime: they were rapt. Quite simply, it ties together all the information they had vaguely heard about the benefits of retinols, peels etc and places it together into a comprehensive program. Which makes such sense.

So, where am I?

Definitely I am learning how much product to put on to keep my skin turning over nicely – to encourage the renewal, to wake it up, to bring it back to its own natural balance – but not tip into being sore: I had a couple of skin cracks around my mouth for a few days and so I pulled back a touch on the amounts until they had gone.

Dr Sam van Eeden called me to check in with my progress, reminding me that skin that may be red or dry or peeling is OK – all part of the process. He also reminded me how important it is to pull product up into the hair line and also down under the chin and throat so I don’t leave any untreated patches (1. they’d look less good and 2. they might not be prepared for the ZO peel I will have later).

Dr van Eeden also reminded me about why such ‘extreme’ side effects are totally fine: they are the visible demonstration that the ZO regime and it’s products are encouraging skin turnover.

As we discussed last week, cell turnover (or mitosis) slows with age. This week let us also contemplate telomeres, next year’s beauty buzz word.

Telomeres act like the nylon on the end of a shoelace – only they are protective caps on the ends of the DNA strands within the body’s cells. As the cells become less efficient at reproducing themselves, due to age, due to glycation (sugar damage), due to oxidative stress (your screen, pollution, those cocktails etc), they reproduce with shorter telomeres. When there is not enough telomere to protect the end of the DNA strand, then the DNA degrades and the cells lose their function. So your skin’s structure starts to become loose, inelastic – and old looking.

This is why a skincare line which works on a cellular level is revolutionary. And why each morning I happily polish off my flaky skin.

Rebecca Newman’s ZO Journey: Week 4