The consultation

Getting under your skin

Your skin care journey at Kate Kerr London begins with an in-depth skin consultation. We start with a clinical assessment, during which we discuss your medical and skincare history before listening to your skin concerns. We understand and treat all skin types and skin tones; we will analyse your skin to ascertain your skin type and review its current condition and health status. Only then can we create a tailored treatment and skincare plan that’s designed to get the best results for your skin.

If during your consultation we feel it may be necessary for you to receive treatment by a medical professional, we can make a referral for you. We will still be able to support you with treatments and products whilst under the care of a doctor or dermatologist.

Education & advice

It's important to us that you understand why we do what we do, which is why we focus on education. The way that we treat the skin is different to conventional high street clinics and can be intensive at the start. That said, we’ll work to your comfort level, and make sure you understand our processes throughout your journey with us.

By the end of your skin consultation, you will understand exactly how we plan to help you improve your skin’s condition and give you a healthy glowing complexion that ages beautifully. Here at Kate Kerr, we don’t like to use the term ‘anti-ageing’ – we believe in supporting your skin through the natural ageing process by helping it become stronger, more resilient and healthier for a fresh and glowing complexion that's smooth and uplifted.

Your tailored plan

Your skin care plan will consist of a series of bespoke clinical facials and medical grade skincare products that are designed to work within the deepest layers of the skin to repair and rejuvenate for optimal skin health. Adopting a daily skincare regime using products that contain active ingredients designed to control, stimulate and protect the skin is essential in order to truly transform your complexion.

Should they be needed, we’ll always hold off on exploring advanced aesthetic treatments such as micro-needling or IPL until the skin is functioning optimally and is strong and resilient. This can take a minimum of two skin cycles, or 12 weeks. Following this process ensures that your skin has optimal cell function, cell turnover and a strong barrier, which allows for superior results and a safer, more predictable treatment with minimal downtime. Think of it like fixing a car: we’ve got to get the engine working before we can put those shiny new wheels on.

Ongoing care

As you progress through your skin care journey, we are there with you every step of the way, constantly assessing your progress and making tweaks where necessary to ensure that you get visible and long-lasting results.

Unlike spa facials, our clinical treatments target the deepest layers of your skin. As part of the consultation process, we can decide how intensive you would like your treatments to be – rest assured that our facialists are there to talk you through the process, as well as give advice on how to care for your skin throughout.


Full consultation

Clinical facialist
£100 (60 mins)
Kate Kerr
£180 (60 mins)
* Our Tailored Exploratory Facial is designed with your specific skin concerns and skin health in mind. It helps to take the guesswork out of which facial you should have the first time around and allows us to map out a future facial plan for you.