My Skincare Journey: “Through taking care of my skin, I learned to take better care of myself”

For Lila, the arrival of a global pandemic brought long working hours and a lot of stress. She had no idea that carving out the time to take care of her skin would have such a huge effect on her overall wellbeing…

The problem with Lila’s skin started during the global pandemic. She was working around the clock and experiencing a lot of stress. One day, she looked at herself in the mirror and thought: ‘Who am I?’

She was experiencing a lot of acne flare ups, dehydration, pigmentation under the eye and cheek area and fine lines, so Kate recommended that she book in for a series of Clinical Brightening facials to give her skin the boost that it needed.  

Lila’s Clinical Brightening facial was tailored to her skin’s unique needs and a key step was applying a peel containing lactic and glycolic acid, which helps to improve cell renewal, purge pigmentation, improve congestion and refine skin texture.

A sheet mask was also applied to control pigmentation, brighten the complexion and increase hydration. Red LED light was also used to increase cellular activity and improve multiple processes within the skin including collagen and elastin production. 

Fast forward a couple of months, and Lila’s skin feels and looks more plump with refined texture. Pigmentation has disappeared and the complexion is glowing. “Hand on my heart, I noticed improvements within the first month,” says Lila. “After having the first facial, we looked in the mirror together and I had tears in my eyes because it was literally a transformation and it felt really good.”

Now, Lila uses her skincare routine as an opportunity to switch off from work and transition into relaxation mode. “Taking care of my skin is very much a priority now. I log off at 6 or 7pm at night and literally wash the day off my face and transition into my kind of chill, relax time. I could kick myself that I hadn’t done this sooner.”

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