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Virtual Consultations with the Kate Kerr London team


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Available via Skype and Zoom.

We’re pleased to be able to offer you expert advice through one of our in-depth online skin consultations.

Now is the perfect time to set your skin goals, and start on your journey to optimum skin health, with coaching from your facialist.

The Kate Kerr London consultation process is where this all begins. This one-to-one session takes approximately 1 hour –it’s during this time that we’ll get a greater understanding of how your skin is functioning, as well as your goals for the health of your skin.

Clinical assessment. Examination of your skin type, skin concerns and skincare needs. Here, we will discuss your medical history, environment, and lifestyle as well as your product and treatment history to create a tailored treatment, and skincare programme.

We take a scientific and results-driven approach to our consultations and treatments, and will thoroughly inspect your medical history, environment, lifestyle and skincare and treatment history to create a tailored lifestyle, treatment and skincare programme.

Education and advice. We will help to educate you on how your skin functions and how to build and repair your skin’s barrier, encourage optimal cell function, eliminate skin conditions and reduce the speed of the skin’s ageing process.

We place a huge emphasis on education – helping you to understand how the skin functions and how your programme works in relation to this. Due to the efficacy of the prescribed medical skincare regime, it is not unusual to experience an inflammatory response in the initial stages. This is normal, and expected, and leads to a great level of repair within the skin. We thoroughly educate you on what to expect, why it is happening and how to minimise these effects. We provide you with a welcome pack that outlines your skincare and treatment regime as well as a troubleshooting guide to help you through the initial phases of inflammation.

We understand that in some cases our treatments may not be suitable for you and your skin may require a more vigorous approach to treatment. In this case, we can make referrals to reputed

We prescribe your unique programme. Your programme will consist of a 4-6 week cycle of advanced clinical facials and medical and cosmeceutical grade skincare. Whilst you are unable to visit the clinic for facials, these could be done using our at-home “Facial in a box”. We will continually adapt your programme if and when necessary, based on the changing environment and your skincare needs. We will refer you on to reputable professionals if we cannot treat your condition. Your programme requires continuous commitment. Daily exposure to prescribed active ingredients is important to control, maintain and stimulate the skin, and this is achieved by a prescribed medical skincare regime.

We’ll help advise you on how to perform facials at home during the current pandemic, and once you are able to visit us, we’ll assess your progress and treat your current concerns, adapting your regime where necessary. At home facials are an important part of your journey and can be performed in conjunction with your professional treatments when we are back up and running.

Your skincare programme is designed to complement your treatments and will maximise and enhance your results. Daily exposure to active ingredients is necessary to correct skin conditions, maintain skin health, protect the skin from the environment, and slow the ageing process.