Your journey

At Kate Kerr London, we do things a bit differently. We combine a science-led approach with tailored skin care treatments to help transform your skin

Step 1

The consultation

We thoroughly analyse your skin and examine your medical and skincare history to formulate a tailored treatment and skincare plan that’s carefully designed to get the best results for your skin. We understand and treat all skin types and skin tones, focusing not only on what we can see, but also on achieving clarity, preventing future damage and maintaining skin health and radiance throughout the natural ageing process.

Step 2

Clinical grade facials

As part of your bespoke plan, we will handpick the best facial treatments to address your concerns and transform your skin. We recommend these are performed once per skin cycle (every 4-6 weeks) or more often if we’re targeting an acute condition such as acne. We constantly assess your progress with every treatment and make tweaks where necessary to ensure that you get visible and long-lasting results.

Step 3

Medical grade skincare

Whilst cosmetic grade skincare only works on the surface layer of skin, at Kate Kerr London, our medical grade products work deep within the skin to correct any damage and achieve long-lasting skin health and radiance.

Step 4

Advanced aesthetic treatments

Your bespoke facial treatment and skincare plan is designed to help your skin to function optimally. In many cases, this is enough to correct any skin concerns, and aesthetic treatments may not be required. If we do recommend an aesthetic treatment such as micro-needling or IPL, this would be carried out in conjunction with your treatment and skincare plan to ensure that your skin is strong and resilient. This allows for much better results and a safer, more predictable treatment with minimal downtime.

Step 5

Ongoing care

As you progress through your skin care plan, we are there to support you as your skin changes. Every treatment is tailored according to our assessment of your skin and goals each time you visit. We’re constantly checking in on your skin to make sure that you are on the correct regime and are having suitable treatments to ensure that you get visible and long-lasting results.

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About Kate Kerr

About Kate

An award-winning clinical facialist with over two decades of global experience specialising in skin treatment and skin rejuvenation.

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From clinical facials that go beyond the superficial to non-surgical aesthetic procedures, each bespoke treatment is tailored to your current skin health and future skin goals.