FutureSkin DNA programme

The secrets in your DNA

Our revolutionary and entirely bespoke FutureSkin DNA programme examines your DNA to reveal your skin’s secrets and how it is genetically programmed to age, both now and in the future.

We take a swab from the inside of your cheek to analyse five key ageing indicators: firmness & elasticity, wrinkling, sun damage & pigmentation, free radical damage and sensitivity & inflammation. We will then discuss your full medical and skincare history to understand your skin in more detail.

Analysing your test results

Using the results of your test, we identify areas of concern and devise a fully customisable skin care programme that factors in products and treatments, as well as diet and lifestyle advice, in order to improve your overall skin health.

We use your genetic blueprint to provide the ultimate, bespoke programme that’s designed to not only target what is currently presenting on your skin, but also what is genetically programmed to happen in the future. This means that we’re able to support your skin through the natural ageing process; treating skin concerns that are visible now, whilst preventing what we can’t yet see, based on what your DNA has told us.

Creating a bespoke plan

The plan outlines five key steps, the first of which is skincare. We choose products that are tailored to your specific skin concern and type. We then carefully craft a detailed facial treatment plan, which focuses on achieving optimal skin health as well as slowing down and supporting the skin’s natural ageing process.

Next, we will provide lifestyle advice tailored to your needs such as diet, exercise and stress relief before planning any aesthetic treatments that will help to target more specific skin concerns. Lastly, we can offer a referral for aesthetic procedures, such as muscle relaxants or dermal fillers, if required.

Throughout the FutureSkin DNA Programme, we will monitor your progress and re-assess the regime to ensure that you continue to achieve the best possible results.


FutureSkin DNA Programme - Initial Consultation & DNA Test:

Clinical facialist
£495 (60 mins)
Kate Kerr
£595 (60 mins)
* Our Tailored Exploratory Facial is designed with your specific skin concerns and skin health in mind. It helps to take the guesswork out of which facial you should have the first time around and allows us to map out a future facial plan for you.

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