Transformation Tuesday: Rosacea

This client came to see us at Kate Kerr London to tackle her concerns around rosacea and mild keratosis pilaris on her face Today, her skin is clear, calm and glowing. So how did we do it? Let's find out...

This amazing transformation shows just how transformative a comprehensive skincare regime and targeted facials can be.

This client came to me with concerns about rosacea and mild keratosis pilaris on her face. After our consultation, it was clear that she was experiencing chronic inflammation and incorrect product use was exacerbating her symptoms. In just a few months, we were able to completely transform her skin.

So how did we do it? We recommended a bespoke skincare regime using medical-grade ZO Skin Health products designed to repair her skin’s protective barrier, eliminate inflammation, regain control of her rosacea symptoms and prevent its future exacerbation. We also worked towards refining her skin texture and delaying the onset of premature ageing.

We did this in stages: first, we started with a regime designed to repair her skin’s protective barrier, minimise inflammation and strengthen the skin so that it would be more compliant when we began to step the regime up. Then, we focused on improving skin texture and minimising rosacea symptoms. Regular exfoliation, and the use of resurfacing products and retinol, were central to this regime.

We treated the skin with regular Clinical Rosacea facials treatments every 4-6 weeks, until the skin was under control. Once the skin had repaired itself and built up resilience, we progressed to regular Clinical Brightening Facials. Over time, we built up to doing skin peels during these facials, which further improved her skin’s texture and eliminated the keratosis pilaris. Finally, we carried out Venus Radio Frequency as add-on treatments to her facials in order to lift and tighten, and retain the skin’s contours.

So what did our client have to say about the transformation? “After years of using expensive creams and unnecessary products, I went to see Kate and she literally change my life. I followed all of her advice, threw all of my moisturisers in the bin and now I can’t believe how amazing my skin looks in my 40s. Thank you Kate, and everyone in the team at the clinic!” What an incredible result! If you’d like to kickstart your skin care journey with us, get in touch.

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