Transformation Tuesday: Treating hormonal acne and scarring

This client came to see our wonderful clinical facialist, Natalia, to treat her hormonal acne and scarring. In just a few months, we were able to completely transform her skin. So how did we do it? Let's find out...

This client came to us at Kate Kerr London to tackle concerns around hormonal acne, chronic inflammation and scarring. We recommended a new skincare regime alongside a bespoke treatment programme, which was designed to repair the skin’s barrier, minimise inflammation, accelerate skin cell turnover and eliminate dead skin cell build up in order to reduce the frequency of breakouts.

We treated the skin with Advanced Clarifying Acne Facials and Advanced Brightening Facials every four weeks to clear congestion and stimulate cell turnover. We then followed this with a course of Advanced Microneedling treatments to reduce acne scarring and to provide further rejuvenation.

The results we achieved in just a few months were exceptional. Here’s what our lovely client had to say about it: “In all honesty, before I came to Kate Kerr, I was on my last straw with my skin. Nothing seemed to work and no one seemed to understand it. Then I met Natalia and I know it seems ‘cliche’, but she changed my life forever. She really knows her stuff; she explained exactly what was going on and what needed to be done about it. Since then, my skin has really changed. I trust whatever Natalia suggests because I know it will work and I’m just so, so grateful that I found her!”

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